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✅ Saraswati Shiksha Mandir GRAMBHARTI(C.B.S.E.) SCHOOL we follow a student centered programme. Our aim is to provide enriching experiences to each student by planning, curricular as well as co-curricular activities at various level of learning. This ensures an all round development of students. Our curriculum hones each student’s skill abilities by making them grow intellectually, socially, morally and emotionally.

We aim to develop

Holistic approach:The primary curriculum is designed to cater to all aspects of a child's development, including physical, intellectual, language, social, and emotional growth. It acknowledges the importance of a well-rounded education to foster well-adjusted and capable individuals.

Nurturing environment: The school provides a nurturing and caring environment where children feel safe and supported, enabling them to explore and learn without fear of judgment.

Creativity and stimulation: The curriculum fosters creativity by encouraging imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills, allowing children to explore and express their ideas in various ways.

Preparation for primary level: The primary curriculum serves as a strong foundation for future learning, preparing children academically and emotionally for the challenges of higher grades.

Reading, writing, and numeracy: The curriculum emphasizes the development of essential skills like reading, writing, and numeracy, enabling children to build a strong academic foundation.

Learning through discovery: Rather than focusing solely on rote learning, the curriculum encourages hands-on experiences and discovery-based learning, promoting a deeper understanding of concepts.

Active learning: Children are encouraged to actively participate in group activities, discussions, and projects, fostering collaboration, teamwork, and communication skills.

Interaction with the environment: The curriculum incorporates nature and the surrounding environment as an essential part of learning, encouraging children to explore and appreciate the world around them.

Skill development: Apart from academic knowledge, the curriculum focuses on the development of essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and adaptability.

First-hand experiences: The school provides opportunities for children to engage in practical experiences, allowing them to learn by doing and develop skills related to the process of learning, leading to a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge.