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School Summer Time: 08 am to 01:30 pm | Winter Time: 09 am to 03:00 pm


It is mandatory for a student to produce a Transfer Certificate, Marks sheet and any other document required at the time of admission. Recent passport size photograph, one each for the self, the father and the mother are also required at the the time of admission A birth certificate is essential for a beginner at the time of admission.


✅ Lab-coats are necessary to enter the Chemistry Lab.

✅ Keep perfect silence int the laboratory,it is essential for concentration and successful scientific work.

✅ Keep your apparatus, table and note-book neat and clean.

✅ Do not change the toppers of the bottles and also do not disturb the arrangement of the shalf, keep the reagents at their proper places.

✅ Do not shift the bottles from the common shelf.

✅ Do not throw broken glass pieces, match sticks, filter paper etc. inthe sink. Throw them in the waste box kept for that purpose.

✅ Any damage to lab appartatus/equipment will have to be made good.


✅ Walk in line silently to the computer lab with your study materials.

✅ Take off your shoes before entering the computer lab and keep in the shoe rack as per your roll number?

✅ Do not bring any outside floppy or pen drive with out the permission of the principal teacher.

✅ Unless and untill needed, do not boot any system in the lab.

✅ Don't move of shift the V.D.U. from its position.

✅ Always insert the disk properly in the disk drive before closing its drive door.

✅ Do not play with the computer peripherals and wires.

✅ Do not scribble on the machine casing, wires and tables.

✅ Do not play with keyboard.

✅ Always come with your group.

✅ Do not band the keys, press them softly.

✅ Open and close the lab's door as instructed.

✅ If anyone found misusing or playing with any computer peripherals he/she will be liable to pay a heavy penalty.


✅ Learning, being a more complex excercise needs a lot of parental support at home to supplement the work done in the school. It is very important that the parents be fully acquainted with what the teachers are doing and take interest in the total development of the children. It will be possible only when there is harmonious relationship between the teachers , the students and the parents.

✅ Parents are most welcomed to share personally or by phone their suggestions to improve teaching techniques and measures to make the stay of their wards in the school more purposeful.

✅ The school conducts Parent's Teacher's meet in each term which in obligatory for all the parents to attend. Meeting schedule can be seen in diary.

✅ Parents should submit leave application if there children are absent from school. In case leave is required for more than three days, the class teacher/principal may be informed. In cae of sickness, the application should be sent with supporting medical certificate.

✅ Late arrival is strictly prohibited. However under special circumstances the child may be allowed to attend the class with permission of principal.

✅ Parents are requested not to send sick children to school for attending classes or appearing for examination as the child's health is a prime importance. In case any child is on regular medication, the details should be submitted the class teacher.

✅ English is the medium of instructions, communication and examination in the chool.

✅ You are requested to see the class Test/Unit test report each month and put your signature at appropriate place.

✅ You are requested to send your child to school in neat, clean and proper uniform.