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School Summer Time: 08 am to 01:30 pm | Winter Time: 09 am to 03:00 pm

Transport Facilities

☑️ The dormitories are spacious and comfortable with cozy beds. The matrons are responsible for the Students hygiene and their clothing. The common room and reading room are well furnished with necessary equipments evening are reserved for extra curricular activities like debates, fancy dress, music and dance.

✅ Children are fed group-wise in common Dining room. The school departmentally manages the mess. Menu and food us hygienic, nutritious and ample in quantity. Three meals are served in addition to forenoon milk and afternoon tea. All kinds of vegetarian foods is available according to the choice of the parents. Food is prepared under the supervision of the experienced cooks.


✅ The school provides its own Transport system through Bus on almost all th routs to nearby places within 15 kms range on very low transportation fee with support of trained Driver Support staff who full fill all the norms of students safty. The student were given bus card which is mandatory to bring daily, other wise they were not permitted to ride the Bus.

✅ An efficient fleet of comfortable buses managed by experienced drivers, conductors & supervisors.